My final 2D piece was in fact inspired by something Hannah had said in my tutorial session. She wondering if for my 2D piece I could transform my photo of a jellyfish, that I did during my experimentation, into another medium such as lino print. Taking this on board I went to see what kind of medium I could use and feel comfortable with. I knew that lino would be hard given the time constraint and the materials so I decided to think elsewhere.

Recently I had seen in Bayliss and Wright a selection of glass paints. I wondered what effect they would create and decided to have a go. I brought some frameless frames from Wilkinson’s in order to have a base for my painting. Thinking back to my original idea I wanted to paint my transformed jellyfish image onto glass. In order to do this I had to choose three colours of paint because they were expensive. I chose purple, lemon yellow and lime green.

This is my experiment on small glass and a larger piece of glass.

IMG_8013 edit IMG_8014 edit

I started off with a small piece, delicately copying the image whilst experimenting with brush stroke and colour. I then done some painting on the big glass. I thought my final piece would be the painting on the big glass but as soon as I started I realised I did not want to work on such a big scale, it was too much of a challenge for such a new technique. The little glass however had started to take shape, I left it to dry and tried experimenting by creating a background underneath it using tissue paper and card. I cut out different shapes and forms and then drew on top with a black pen.

I was inspired by an artist called  Louise Heguel who I explored in my self directed study last year (https://aliceeaton1305640.wordpress.com/2013/11/14/drawing-self-directed-study/) . She uses glass in her work to create exciting illustrations and she also uses layers that have different materials such as my use of card, tissue paper and pen. I thought about her whilst constructing my piece and wanted to create something as powerful as she had created and with the colours being bold much the same as hers.

Although for a while I considered using my glass as part of my final piece,which I had decided would be a set of three images in different mediums, when it came to putting them all together my glass work did not fit in. However I am glad I did take a risk and experiment with a new medium even though it did not go exactly how I planned.

For my set of images instead of doing the original three I chose to have two. I got my image of the jellyfish printed at the printers and put it in one of the frameless frames. I then decided my medium would be paint for my other image. I thought about a lot of mediums before deciding on paint. I feel painting is a strong point of mine yet I do not think I have shown the best of my painting ability in my previous work so I think this is a chance to prove my skills. I loved getting back into painting and copying a photo that not only was for my final piece but also helped my to improve my painting skills having focused a lot on drawing and print in previous workshops.

I love the outcome of my final piece as a two piece image. I think it shows consistency between the two images and I feel as if I have shown off my skills in two of my strongest practices: Painting and Photography. My transformation in this piece is transforming my original object: the origami jellyfish, into an exciting abstract image and then copying it into a different medium that creates a transformation of photo to paint and digital to non digital. I am pleased with the quality of my image however I would have liked to create another piece in order to make this a set of three as previously thought out.

Here is my final piece.

IMG_7996 edit

My piece would be hung on a white wall in a gallery and at eye level. I think the frames hung on a white wall would enable the pieces to stand out more. However I think if the pieces were blown up to a larger size and hung side by side on a gallery wall in one room with no other art, I feel they would have a big impact on the viewer.


After my feedback session I was unsure of how well my 2D piece was recieved. I decided that my glass piece was a stronger abstraction and transformation of a jellyfish that my photo and painting. Although my photo and painting are solid experimentation and visually and technically I am very proud of my skills, I think my expansion of ideas flows better if they are my experiments. I feel the glass piece has a lot more to offer and I would like to call it my 2D final piece.

IMG_8013 edit 2


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