A good piece of art can never truly be described, in everyone’s eyes it differs greatly. That is why having such a wide diversity of art in today’s culture is so beneficial. We can almost see it as a supermarket, there is something everyone loves and of course something that some people will not like. This means that everyone has an art practice or type of art that they consider “good” art, something that they admire and appreciate.

In my eyes, a good piece of art has a lot of factors. It does not take a lot to impress me when it comes to a piece of art. I am very open to different practices of art in a diverse range of contexts and eras. However if I had to tell you right now what my criteria is for a good piece of art, this is what I would say.

I think a good piece of art is something that tells a story, something that has been influenced by the life of the creator because I feel these are the works that have the most depth and we can take the most from them. If the creator puts their feelings and emotions through in a piece, it does have a bigger influence on the viewer and I think that is something that makes a good piece of art.

Another element that makes a good piece of art is the ability to be aesthetically pleasing. For me, it’s not a question of being beautiful because realistically there is no such thing as something beautiful. Beauty is literally in the eye of the beholder, we can never define beauty and no one can agree on the exact definition of beautiful. If something is aesthetically pleasing to me, it catches my attention and draws me in to look at in more detail. For me, it is my definition of what I consider beauty.

The key to a good piece of art is for it to be relatable. This task is almost impossible due to diversity of human experiences. It does mean that a piece of art can not be appreciated by everyone but it means when you do find a piece of art you can relate to it does create a bond between the viewer, piece and creator. This makes the piece a lot stronger in the viewers eyes and as I have previously stated it can evoke emotions. This is a very powerful aspect of this element in a work of art.

Last but not least, a good piece of art has to have the power to make you go “wow”. It seems simple but it need to take your breath away, make want to look further into the artists work. Of course this does depend on each person’s individual criteria and what they consider a veritable “wow” factor. If a piece of work takes my breath away, it again proves a connection I have had with the work and makes it a “good” piece of artwork in my eyes.

In conclusion, for me a good piece of art has to tell a story, be aesthetically pleasing, be relatable and have a “wow” factor. If a piece has all these four things, it is an very strong art piece to me, and even if it just has one, I consider it a good piece of art.


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