I took some photographs of my sculptures as part of my drawing workshop. I created a white backdrop and put a lamp on it. This gave me a neutral backdrop that would enhance my sculptures and the silvery colour they have would be reflected and shine with the light. Having the light also gave me the chance to have a delicate shadow in any direction I choose.

I played a lot with the white balance on the camera. I started off with having an automatic white balance and found it gave me a lovely pink glow and also a yellowy glow when the camera was set to black and white. I sought the help of a photography student in order to be able to have a pure white background that would give me shadows on the paper. He helped me to customize my white balance in order that it would give me a white backdrop when I took the photo. I also enjoyed editing a couple of these photos just to see the different effects I could create and how to enhance further the sculpture.

Here are my photos:



IMG_7877 edit

IMG_7878 edit

IMG_7878 edit2

IMG_7881 edit

IMG_7886 edit

I am really pleased with the outcome of my photos. I feel I have captured my sculpture and the most technical side of them without necessarily showing all of the sculpture. I know I have been able to develop on my photography skills by creating these photos and I have also learnt more about the selecting and editing process. I really hope I can continue taking strong photos in the future as I am proud of this selection I have captured.


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