This was my first lazer cutter workshop and I was eager to see how to use the lazer cutter due to the fact I know in the art world today, it is used for a multitude of art pieces.

Anna started off by telling us a bit about the lazer cutter, we learnt that we could use materials such as wood and paper but nothing that contained PVC because it would create toxic fumes! In order to lazer cut an image we would have to scan it into illustrator on a lazer cut template, this enables the colours to be changed from CYMK to RGB. Depending on if we wanted to cut or engrave, the line colour had to be changed (Red for cutting and black or blue for engraving) , and the line always needed to be 0.0001 in pt. We could either use a internet image or one we had created ourselves as long as it was vectorised.

Here are some of the examples we did that morning.

This is an owl made out of a material called Perspex. This gave a shiny colour which would continue even when the paper on the back was burnt because it would peel off. Perspex comes in lots of different colours so we would have a choice when working with this material.

WP_20140206_001 WP_20140206_002

Next we looked at using a thin wood. The lazer cutter always had to be told the measurements to avoid a bad cut or bad quality. In this experiment we did straight cutting through the wood to create scrabble letters. This gave a clean cut effect however the downside was the back did burn.


Last of all we did an experiment using matboard. Matboard gives a interesting effect because you can mix colour and wood when engraving. We can see this in Robert’s example below.

WP_20140206_010 WP_20140206_011

This material looks especially professional if you want to do writing or very clean edged images.

I love the way the lazer cutter works to cut out materials and I can not  wait to try some experiments of my own.


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