The task was to create two drawings of our 3D sculpture that we constructed from wire in our previous workshop.

The first drawing was required to show flamboyant gestures. I started off by using just charcoal and found it did not give me enough flamboyancy on its own. Although it creates sweeping statement lines, I felt something was missing. I though about what flamboyant means and decided to look up the exact definition on the internet. According to dictionary.com, the definition of flamboyant is “strikingly bold or brilliant”. It then came to me that what I might be missing is some colour. I decided to use lots of different colours to make a statement on the paper. I also zoomed in on the sculpture so that it filled the page. I wanted to enhance the colours so I brought back in the charcoal and smudged it with my finger to create swishing flamboyant marks.

This is my piece:

IMG_7899 edit

The second drawing we had to create had to reflect our mood at the time of the creation of the piece. I drew this piece when I was feeling happy and relaxed. I decided to use a black fine liner to create a delicate line and then use yellow and orange to reflect the happy mood I was feeling. The pencils I used were watercolour pencils so when I drew I also added a little water to help them blend in.

Here is my second drawing:


Overall I am happy with the pieces I have created. After looking in a feedback session about what other had created I feel I could have been a lot more bold with my colours. I would like to learn from this and maybe next time try more of an abstract piece that looks at the same idea but in an alternative way.





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