Our first drawing workshop on the 30th of January was  a chance to start exploring our new brief Transform.

Hannah had asked us to bring along four objects, one that evokes joy, one that evokes fear, one that is spiky and one that is soft. I chose a teacup for my object that evokes joy, a safety pin for my object that evokes fear, a box of pins for my object that is spiky and a scarf for my soft object.

We started by drawing the object that was spiky. The aim was to show the spikiness of the object through the lines we created. I firstly did a rough outline of each pin in the box and then proceeded with the shading. For the shading I done the point of the pin a lot darker and more sinister looking than it was to highlight the sharp edge. I did not have long for this piece but I felt if it was completed I would show a lot of the emotion and texture of the object.

IMG_8008 edit

Next we moved onto the soft object. This time instead of pencil we used charcoal. By using soft marks with this drawing tool mixed with the smudging of my fingers, I managed to master a technique that got across the softness and delicate shape of the scarf as it was placed on the table. I was pleased with the outcome of this drawing and succeeded in finishing it in the allotted time.


We then moved on to creating drawings that got across a lot of emotion. In this part of the workshop we started with the joyful object. I began by drawing the object as a whole and having the colour in my drawing helped me to convey the joyful emotion. The pattern on the teacup was floral and I adapted this by making the colours leak off the cup and making them burst, like “bursting with joy”. Although I did not finish I feel my object does convey a joyful emotion, when finished however I think it could be a really powerful emotional piece.

IMG_8005 edit

Lastly, we drew an object that evoked fear. I drew my safety pin three times in this exercise and still felt like it was not completed to its full potential. Although I think the colour palette of red and black were the right ones to use for this particular emotion, I do not feel that I drew the safety pin in a way that showed fully the fear of the object itself. I would like to practice drawing a fearful object again just so that I feel confident in drawing showing this emotion.

IMG_8011 edit IMG_8010 edit IMG_8009 edit

This workshop was a great success for me, I did not only improve my drawing skills but I also got my artwork chosen three times to be spoken about. This was something that made me proud of the work I have completed and it really motivated me to continue in my drawing.

For the final part of the workshop, we started looking at 3D sculpture. I really enjoying learning briefly how to work with wire and how it can be used to convey an emotion. I chose to make a flower to represent joy and also do an abstract piece in order to explore the medium of wire. I loved working with wire and I think I would use it again in my final piece for this project. (see photographs of sculpture for images of this work)


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