On the 27th January, we had a Lino Printing workshop. For this workshop we were split into groups of 7 so we could fit into the room with the print press.

Firstly we got the chance to try out all the different nibs that we could carve the Lino with. In order to do this the Lino has to be hot so it would be easier to cut. We had ten different nibs that each produced a different line and shape.

Here are the nibs and the cuts they produced.

WP_20140127_001 WP_20140127_002 WP_20140127_003 (1)

We then had the chance to create our own lino prints. I decided to do something basic that would show a lot of lines and technique. I chose to carve a character I had invented call Mr.Toast and make him my lino print.


I selected to have my print printed in yellow which I mixed with a little bit of white to make it lighter. I rolled out the ink and then used the roller to roll across my lino.

WP_20140127_005 WP_20140127_007

When I had done this, I put my lino face up onto the press and then covered it over with a piece of paper. On top of this, attached to the press, was another larger piece of paper and two layers of felt like fabric. These helped to protect the press and made it easier for the lino print to be transferred onto the paper.

Here is one of my Lino prints.

WP_20140127_008 edit

Here is a lino print in which all of my classmates put there lino prints together in a square.


I really enjoyed this lino print session. I would love to try it again with more techniques and creating something more delicate and clean cut. I think I can safely say it is one of my favourite printing techniques so far! I love the effects we can create using this method and when it is well done it can produce stunning images. I was not as pleased with my print as I would have liked, my lines were not even and therefore could not produce the bold effect I wanted. I think had I chosen a darker colour it would have been better too. However I love the way all four of our prints look together!


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