On Monday 13th January we had another print workshop as part of our VisCom unit.

This week we looked at creating prints by using foam and ink. In order to do this we first had to cut out lots of different shapes in our piece of foam. I chose to cut basic shapes out but I also cut out an A shape too, I thought this would add a little variety.


After cutting out our foam shapes, we then stuck them onto cardboard. This would give us a bigger surface to hold and therefore make it much simpler to create our prints.


Here are all my foam shapes on cardboard.


The process itself was very simple yet it looked good. We rolled out the ink colour that we wanted, in this case we had a choice between red, yellow and blue. Having these colours enabled us to make purple, orange and green too! After choosing and rolling our colour, we then rolled the ink onto our foam shape and then placed it on our paper where we wanted it to be. When we took our foam off, we were left with the shape in ink on paper.

Here are the pieces I created during the workshop.

WP_20140106_005 WP_20140106_006 WP_20140106_007 WP_20140106_008 WP_20140106_009 WP_20140106_010 WP_20140106_011

Although I found my pieces simple to create, I enjoyed mixing and layering the shapes and patterns to see the different effects I could make. I loved being able to blend in lots of colours on one shape because of the aesthetic effect it created. I did not however like that the prints did not always come out as bold as I would have wanted them too, although the faded effect added to the print itself, sometimes it was not the effect I wanted.

I would not say this is my favourite print workshop so far, however I have learnt another way to produce an interesting effect with print.


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