For my remixed self portrait I was a little stuck for ideas. I was not sure where to start or even if what I wanted to achieve was possible on Photoshop which made a bit hesitant to start.

Here is my original self portrait taken by Pinar in our first session after being introduced to the brief:


I decided to start by doing what I knew and what I had previously learnt. This involves fixing skin blemishes, changing the tone of my skin to give it a clearer look. I aslo coloured my eyebrows in order that they would stand out and look bolder. Lastly I fixed all my flyaway hair. After doing all of these steps I felt I had a much clearer palette to work on.

Self portrait start

I was really excited by the idea of superimposing and laying one or many photos on top of each other. I started to investigate this idea by selecting a painting and putting that on my face in a face paint style.

I took the piece Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. I chose this piece because I knew I appreciated the paintings impressionist type brush strokes and I thought it would look mysterious and interesting super imposed on my face. I also chose it because it was painted to near where I grew up so the painting itself depicts something close to what I know and an important part of my life.

I was not so happy with how it turned out, I was pleased how the image did blend into the face quite well however I could not make it look like a part of my face which was my main aim. Even using the opacity and the blur I could not achieve the effect I was looking for.

I decided to go back to square one and try something else.

Starry Night Portrait

I took another painting that I admire which is Compostion VII by Wassily Kandinsky. I decided to go with a bit of a super hero theme and make the painting into a sort of mask. It seemed to work well and I also made the edges  neat and precise. To make the piece more lively I put in graphic design piece by Victor Hertz which shows all the songs of The Beatles; one of my favourite groups.I wanted to show part of me in the portrait and something that reflects who I am.

This is how it turned out.

Kandinsky and Hertz Portrait

I’m again quite happy with the piece but I think I need to try a different technique to layer my photos to create more of a bold effect. At the moment it looks good but it does not stand out and I want my work to stand out.

I decided to start from scratch in a way and think carefully about the kind of piece I wanted to create. I wanted it to be mysterious and exciting but also have an element of myself in it as I had done on the other pieces.

I looked through my photos and came across my photos of Paris. I knew instantly I wanted to use one of them because Paris is architecturally beautiful and also it is my favourite city which again brings out the personal side I want to put across.

Here is the photo that I found that I thought was compositionally interesting


I love this photo because it shows a less well known Paris, its not a picture of a landmark or a tourist attraction, it is simply a picture of Paris life. I love the fact that we can see both man and nature in this photo which also shows a more calm side to a busy city.

I started off by a simple layering of three different photos to see what effect I would get. I chose the photos because I thought they worked well together with my primary photo. They are all of different scenes around Paris.


I liked how the black and white patterns are set off by the different coloured padlocks and how when we look carefully we can see each layer and distinguish each photo. Saying this, I don’t feel this images completes the aim of the assignment and also I feel I can make a stronger piece.

I kept remixing images of Paris in order to experiment with what I liked and what I did not.



I thought my experiment with the Eiffel Tower was well done, however I did not think the way I layered the images was as a strong as composition as my previous experiment. Although the purely black and white theme worked well, I liked having a small hint of colour to offset it.

Looking at my next experiment, I loved the way that the image looks printed on my top and I wanted to play about with this idea. I re-centred my self portrait in order that the tree looked as though it was coming from my body. It reminded me of when I was younger and we got told that if you ate the seeds of a fruit, a tree would grow inside of you.

I did not want this to be purely my self portrait so on the second layer, I added an effect and this is what I produced. I instantly loved the way that my skin tone changed to be lots of colours but my top stayed quite cityscape greyscale.



The self portrait that I experimented with happened to be the one with the painting superhero mask. Putting this image underneath gave my piece an interesting effect however it did not look right when looked at closely and would be extremely noticeable one blown up into A3. So I decided to take my original portrait and put that underneath.



I really loved how this piece had turned out. It mixes nature with city and shows a lot about who I am, however not in a conventional way. I did not realise this before but in fact the way the window has reflected the tree gives us the idea that there is a lot of trees inside me. I feel I am growing like a tree. Looking closely it also gives my face quite a worn and gritty effect which I think enhances my piece. It shows, I have seen lots of different things and collected lots of memories, almost as if my memories have changed me.

I’m happy with how my self portrait has turned out. I feel that my confidence in Photoshop is growing and I’m learning a lot more skills that next time we have a project similar to this, I will be able to complete it to an even higher standard.


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