Today we had a printing workshop and we looked in particular at Mono-Printing.Mono printing is something I have never done before so I was interested to try it out.

Firstly we rolled out ink onto a plastic board so we had a square of ink. We learnt that there were many ways to do a mono print.


The one we tried first was where we placed the paper on top of the ink and drew on top of the paper. We had to be careful not to lean our hands on the ink and smudge it as when we took the paper off we would be left with a delicate line drawing. Because this was my first time this wasn’t the case, I had added a lot of ink and for that reason the background of my work was quite inky as well. I done a rough doodle design and this is how my first design turned out.

WP_20131209_002 WP_20131209_003

Next I drew on the ink instead of drawing on the paper. I preferred this technique as I felt I had a lot more control over what I was drawing. This time I used a sponge and a paintbrush to create a sea effect on the ink and on the top I drew a small boat and some fish, I also used a cotton bud to make clouds and sunshine. I then put my piece of paper on top of my design and used a clean roller to roll on top. This didn’t turn out so well when I printed it but I enjoyed creating it. I think it made quite a cute illustration.


Next I decided to try out a two toned print. I firstly created a doodle pattern on my black ink that I had re rolled, I then put my paper on top of this and used a clean roller to roll on top. Next I put my piece of paper on top of some red ink and drew on top of my paper, this is what gave me the two toned effect.


This is my favourite piece that I have created in the workshop today, I love how it has turned out and how the colours really compliment each other.It makes me think of blood on a dirty floor which is quite a visually strong image. Even though I think I had too much red ink on the board I do like the effect it has created.

I would want to try mono printing again just because I think it gives such a unique effect and is visually very attractive.


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