This week for our self directed study we had to create a series of five different self portraits, each in a different medium.

I firstly went with pencil as quite a basic tool. I wanted to start by understanding the features on my face and how to draw them and be able to rub them out before I done something more permanent in pen.

IMG_7322 edit

I’m really happy with how my first portrait has turned out, I can see a big improvement even by just spending a small amount of time longer on this one as I have done previous portraits. I used a mixture of shading and line to give tone and depth but I feel this didn’t work completely to my advantage in some places and made me look as if I had some wrinkles.

The next portrait I did was in pen. At the beginning I felt I had really got the face shape wrong but gradually as I worked onto the piece I managed to change this. Just as the last piece, my tone and shading did make me look a lot older. I also made my face a lot slender whereas I think I needed to make it a bit plumper.

IMG_7323 edit

After my pen drawing I decided to continue along the same theme and used some coloured pens.

IMG_7324 edit

I had the same problems as the pen drawing for the reason it was a very permanent medium, I know that yet again I didn’t get the shape of my face quite right however I think I need to practice in order to perfect that. I like the effect I have created by using many different colours in my picture, I think that adds in a big way to the depth and tone of my portrait.

I wanted to explore using tone and decided that my next medium would be colouring pencils.

IMG_7325 edit

I think the portrait is my favourite. Although again my face shape is maybe too plump I feel I have really captured the skin tones and my eye colour. I would like to improve on my drawing of faces in order to better draw my features and therefore create a better piece.

The last self portrait I did, I did in charcoal. I wanted to have a go at charcoal because its not a medium I feel particularly comfortable but I’m eager to improve.

IMG_7328 edit

This medium is pretty permanent so I had some problems starting off and mapping where I wanted each feature to go. This made it challenging to get the features accurate as you can see in the placing of the eyes. I also had problems with the charcoal smudging where I didn’t really want it too, this made it difficult to put in shading and control the light and dark of my image. Ideally I would add in white chalk so I could make a stronger contrast between the colours.


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