On Monday we did a small drawing workshop with Hannah. I knew drawing was something I was eager to improve my skills in so I was excited for this workshop.

Firstly we created three quick drawings of our partner to warm up our hands.

The first one we did in 2 minutes.


I need to warm up my drawing hand as I’m not pleased with my 2 minute drawing. It was a really good warm up exercise but I know I need long to be able to create something I am happy with.

The next one we drew was a little longer and took 5 minutes.

IMG_7313 edit

I feel a lot more confident with this drawing compared to my last one. I feel I have got the features of the face and the shape of the face a lot more accurate.

My third drawing was completed in ten minutes.


Even though I tried to add tone and depth to this drawing by using shading I don’t really like how it has turned out. I much prefer my previous drawings because I feel they show more detail without the shading. I think adding in the shading first is possibly not the best way for me to construct my drawings.

Next we done a series of full figure drawings each taking our turn to pose as a model. This time instead of using pencil we used colour.

IMG_7319 edit

I am really pleased with the figure drawings I have produced. I can see self improvement between some of my earlier drawing classes and now. I especially happy with my drawing of Emmanuel sitting down, I feel I have really captured the lines of movement in his clothes and how he is posing in the chair. To create something I can say I’m very happy with is a big step for me as I usually tend to find a lot of faults in my work.

When we had finished our figure drawings we undertook a blind drawing exercise. We had to draw two halves of a pepper which were placed on the table in front of us but we couldn’t look at our paper, we had to blindly draw them.


This exercise was really challenging but I thought it helped me to improve my hand eye coordination between my eyes and the paper without any knowledge of what I was actually doing. When I looked at my drawing afterwards I could see where I had drew the peppers but they were really wonky and out of focus on the paper. I found it strange that the mark making I make when I can see was very different to that of when I couldn’t. I would love to be able to use more of my “unseeing” mark making in my future work as I think it gives and interesting effect.

Last of all as a warming down exercise, we took half an hour to draw our neighbours face.

I drew Emmanuel.

IMG_7321 edit

I don’t think what I have created here is something I like however I can definitely see an improvement on how I was drawing when I first came to uni. I could do with adding in a lot more shading and making some of my lines a lot darker to enhance certain features of Emmanuel’s face. I also made his facial proportions a little off so if I done this again I would pay more attention to dimensions.


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