After making a brainstorm I decided that I wanted to portray The Notebook and in particular the swan scene where Noah and Allie ride in the boat on the lake. I think this scene is both artistically beautiful and elegant and that is why I wanted to reproduce it.

I used watercolour pencils and normal colouring pencils because I wanted to create a watery effect but something that had a range of colours. I also tried to use complementary colours to enhance the colours in the picture.

I enjoyed experimenting with watercolour pencils because I haven’t used them as often as I would have liked and I wanted to escape from my comfort zone. In the end I loves the effect they create for my drawing. I would like to improve my drawing skills in order to produce something that has a higher quality.

Here is the scene from the movie:

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Dho00D88Eo



My Final Drawing

IMG_7236 edit


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