I went to London last weekend and I knew wanted to make a flyer about that day. I firstly done a bit of research on flyers because I wanted some inspiration and ideas since I’m not confident on designing advertising.

I found three flyers that really appealed to me:

I loved the use of logo and text on this flyer and wondered about incorporating that into my design. The flyer was simple but got across all the information that was essential. The colours were appealing which made the flyer inviting and enticed us to try out this cocktail bar.


Source: http://www.gocre8.co.uk/portfolio-item/flyer-poster-printing/

The second flyer was more child-like which interested me as well. The bold colours mixed with the images was something I would like to experiment with in my flyer. The colours complemented each other and stood out on the white background. The text was incorporated well into the flyer itself as not to startle the viewer but to make them want to read more. Just as the flyer title says, the flyer has a summery feel to it making us feel warm and happy when looking at it.


Source: http://office.about.com/od/MicrosoftHolidayTemplates/ss/Microsofts-Best-Summer-Templates_9.htm

The last flyer I looked at had bands of colour mixed with an sense enhancing image that made us want to explore more. I loved how the design was so simple with a picture, a small description and a logo. Its simplicity made it really effective and I think it serves the purpose of a flyer really well. The complementary colours make it fresh and inviting.


Source: http://www.veoprint.com/flyers

I then roughly sketched some ideas of how I wanted my flyer to look. Although I didn’t use any of the designs in my sketches, I really like some of the ideas I came up with.


I chose to use Microsoft Word to do my flyer as it is a program I feel comfortable using. I wanted to use both photo and text to create something that would stand out. I picked a light green colour because normally London is associated with red and I wanted to have a complementary colour scheme so that my flyer would stand out. I want to learn how to use Indesign to make a flyer because I think it is more efficient. Next time I would like to try changing the images and text around and playing with a different colour scheme to see how it looks.

Here is my Art flyer.


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