I went on a walk to Stockwood Park with two friends. I took a lot of photos but these were my five favourites.

IMG_7165 edit

I like this photo because it has a wintery feel about it. The colours of the autumn leaves match the colour of the hat and jacket and I really like the blurry background and the clear patterned forground.

IMG_7168 edit

I love the contrast of the geometric building and the tangled branches which makes the photo bold and stand out.

IMG_7189 edit

I think this photo has beauty because the colours of autumn are so vibrant and bold, I chose this one just for this reason.

IMG_7204 edit

This photo reminds me of crunching through the fallen leaves. I think this photo engages our senses and the low angle makes us feel part of the image.

IMG_7213 edit

I thought this photo was really interesting because of the shapes in it . The contrast between nature and man made is really strong and it shows that the beauty of nature is really dominant.

I loved taking these photos and enjoyed picking them out and editing them. As I didn’t use Photoshop to edit, I would like to try that out and see what different effects I could produce.


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