My Final Poster

I knew what I wanted to achieve in the poster when I heard the song: Something bold yet simplistic that captures the beauty of Melodie Gardot’s lyrics. The ideas for my poster came to me in my first elective which was print, I didn’t plan to use this poster that I created for my print in my final poster but I was so pleased with the outcome and the effect, that throughout my workshops I saw no need to edit it or change it a lot.

Although it looks like the original print, I did edit it a little using my basic knowledge in photoshop. I wanted the effect that it filled the whole A3 page at the top and in order for me to do this I had to crop the band of white where the print hadn’t reached. I was really pleased with how it looked and even more pleased after I saw how it looked after being printed out on gloss paper.

Art poster

I am very happy with how my poster has turned out, even though when I did my original print the bottom was cut off I don’t think it distracts from the effect I have tried to create. I wanted my poster to be minimalist, bold and to make a statement and I think it has filled the criteria for all three. I am happy with my colour choice, although I though of changing some of the shapes colour in Photoshop I decided against it, purely because I felt it would look too digital and not give as strong effect as it does in monotone. I also really love the sky blue colour because I feel that colour blue makes people think of sunny days and therefore creates a happy mood.

I am really happywith how my final poster looks and I am proud of what I have achieved in the last month.


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