Drawings about my song choice : If the stars were mine. 

I started off by thinking about what lines represented my song. I listened to my song and doodled at the same time to see what effects I could create. I noted that my doodles looked a lot like Kandinsky’s work and I realised that the effect I created was quite pretty and delicate. I also used some sharper more triangular shapes to represent the tambourine in the background of the music, it plays in short sharp outbursts. I played around with forms and shapes to create what I think the piece sounds like, I also used colour to highlight the colours I see when I listen to this piece.

IMG_7101 edit

Next I wanted to use  the doodle on another experiment, so I cut out strips of pastel paper in the shape of what I thought the instruments sounded like. I drew the sounds from my doodle on top. I really like this experiment because I used mixed media, I went more minimalist to create quite a simple but effective effect. I really love the way it has turned out and incorporated the main colours and shapes of my song.

IMG_7104 edit

After doing this I went back to basics and done some simple sketches of jars, stars and ribbons which are in the lyrics of my song. I also worked a little on negative space. Although I wasn’t happy with the outcome of my negative space drawings, I think they were an important experiment to have done. Just by mapping out the form of the jar and I could see at the end how creating these drawings influenced the way I shaped the jar when I drew it again.

IMG_7106 IMG_7107

I drew some ribbons because I found the form of them really mesmerizing, I tried to use complementary colour to make them more lifelike. I think this experiment worked well and I love how the ribbons look on my page, I feel I have captured them well in motion.

IMG_7109 edit

Lastly I created a piece in which I mixed all the techniques I had used. I cut out the form of a star and drew a jar in it and also some ribbons weaving around it. I really like how this piece turned out, for me it really summarises the song and the lyrics within it. Again its simplicity creates a bold effect and the way it is a mixed media piece makes it stand out. Overall I am really pleased with how the self directed study work has turned out.

IMG_7110 edit

Looking at artists/designers/makers

Whilst doing my drawing, I looked up some different creators to see if they could inspire me and my own work.

An illustrator I found really inspiring was Hannah Davies, whose delicate shapes and patterns create a really unique effect. I really loved her illustration of London which really caught my eye, its busyness and colour captures the city life well and her use of line is something that intrigued me. I would love to try out her technique in the future because I love the way it is visually aesthetically pleasing.

image Source: http://www.illustrationweb.com/artists/HannahDavies/gallery/0

Another artist who I found interesting is Jeffrey Fulvimari. Since seeing his illustration for The English Roses by Madonna, I have been intrigued to discover more about his practice. I really love the way he draws figures and the way he creates their personality The colours he uses and his pen lines are very simple and  just like Hannah Davies, when he uses colour, it strengthens the image. His composition is strong in his full page illustrations. He also creates this feeling of naivety and childhood mixed with glamour and sophistication in his work which is a an attractive mix for the eye. I would love to explore him further and see what other books he has illustrated.

510SD9KK19L Source: http://www.amazon.com/English-Roses-Madonna/dp/B001D95XIG

One last artist I am inspired by is a French illustrator Louise Heguel who I was lucky enough to meet at her exhibition in my town, I love the way she uses layers to create a final image. She uses a technique called Fixés sous verre which is a Senegalese way of painting, it is basically painting an image on glass and then turning it over. She then creates the background which she places her glass on top of to give the layered effect.Unless you saw her work for real, you would never expect it to be as complicated as a  technique. I would love to have the oppurunity to try this technique one day as I think it gives out a stunning effect.

image_419_image Source: http://www.louiseheugel.com/fr/divers/9/dans-l-atelier/64/fixes-sous-verre/


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