Today was my first day doing the Drawing Elective, I had a really long but productive day.

We firstly looked at some different artists that used drawing in their work. I was especially taken by Alexander McQueen’s dress sketches, I loved his use of line and the actual dresses themselves are really beautiful. He has captured the beauty of what he aims to achieve within the lines.

Met-McQueen-3Source: http://garethhinds.com/blog/?p=1821

I also loved looking at Ed Ruscha’s work, I think his mixture of words and painting or image make a big statement and contrast. One that really stuck me was called Pay Nothing Until April. It made me think of an all inclusive holiday in the mountains because the background seems very utopic and the pay nothing until April makes it sound pleasing and inviting. The bold typology stand out on the page against the delicate background again enhancing the strength of the contrast.

Pay Nothing Until April 2003 by Edward Ruscha born 1937 Source : http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/ruscha-pay-nothing-until-april-ar00047

We each got given an A2 piece of paper and had one minute to cover it in lines. After the minute was over, I passed mine to my partner Penny and she drew on top of it for another minute. This is the outcome of our line drawing.


After this we done some portraits in pencil of the person sitting opposite us, I drew Penny. As you can see below I have done one full length portrait and the other just her face. We were given 15 minutes to do each portrait.

IMG_7080 IMG_7099 edit

I’m not particularly pleased with my portraits of Penny just  because I feel that I am not very confident at drawing people, its not something I do a lot and I always feel unnerved at the prospect of drawing human figures. I would like to improve upon my life drawing skills and I hope to be able to do this in the workshop.

We had a short break and then went over to the Campus Centre to draw some people. It was very busy so there was lots of people to draw, however this task was challenging because people didn’t stay still for a significant amount of time so we had to be quick and efficient in our work. We also took some time to draw just the background and a “zoomed in” drawing, we got lots of constructive feedback from Slawa. Here are my drawings from the Campus Centre.

IMG_7081 IMG_7085 IMG_7098 editIMG_7086

In the afternoon we came back and had to draw an object created from a book, we done these in charcoal. Here is my original drawing.


Then we had to pass our drawing on and our partner would erase everything we had drawn and would then draw on top of it. It showed us what kind of effect we could create using a rubber. It was very interesting to see our pieces being distorted and then re-drawn, it didn’t feel like our piece anymore and the piece of our partner felt like more of our own.

Here is my drawing on top of Penny’s work.


I am not as pleased with this piece as I was with my original work, I found it hard to draw on top of Penny’s work as I felt like I was destroying it. I think when I added in new lines it felt like I was tracing a lot of the old lines whilst making new darker markings to make up for the grey tint which was on the paper.  The effect wasn’t as aesthetically pleasing as when I done it on white paper.

I also did a drawing looking at the negative space around a chair. Doing a negative space drawing helps us to understand better the form and shape of the object we are drawing. It also improves our drawing skills as artists.

IMG_7097 edit

After fifteen minutes we had a break in which we stood on a piece of paper and drew our shadows. It was a strange exercise but everyone has done something different and had a different footprint on the paper so it was interesting to see. Here is my shadow drawing.


Next we sat down in a circle, and done some one minute, two minute and three minute drawings of each other as models. We got to experiment in both charcoal and pencil and also mix the two together. The more and more I drew the more confident I felt in my abilities and I could see an improvement from this morning. Below are my drawings of my classmates.

IMG_7088 edit IMG_7090 edit IMG_7091 IMG_7093 IMG_7092 edit IMG_7094 edit


I really enjoyed my first workshop of drawing and I can’t wait to try out some more new techniques and improve further my skills on Thursday.


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