Reflection on Present and Promote

This weeks elective was really positive for me. I not only learnt a lot about myself but a lot about the people who I am studying with as well. Personally I felt I really improved my confidence when I speak and I loved hearing peoples feedback on my presentation because that too boosted my confidence.

Paul coming in to help us was something that really marked a change in the way I present myself. It was interesting to hear about what he does when preparing to speak and the new techniques he taught us were constructive. His anecdotes made the session interesting and showed how much experience he has in speaking in front of people. He really wanted to share with us his ideas and he was invested on helping us boost our confidence. I think the session with Paul was my favourite session of the week because there was so much energy and support between Paul and us and between all of my classmates that when it came to the end of the week session, we were all really invested on helping each other succeed and supporting each other when speaking.

This week I feel like I have taken a big leap in the way I come across and present myself. I could see such a change in between Monday and Thursday that I couldn’t quite believe it myself. I have taken on all the feedback I have been given this week in hope that I can keep improving upon my presenting and promoting in the future.


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