Looking at Posters 

On Monday morning, we also completed some research about different kinds of posters that related to our song choice or inspired us. We had to choose five and write about  their content and why we liked them  This is what I came up with:

1. Retro Ice Cream Flavours

Retro-Ice-Cream-Poster-01-709x1024( Sourcehttp://wond.co.uk/retro-ice-cream-poster-hex-colour-palette/ )

This poster really caught my eye when I first saw it. I thought the repeated ice cream pattern and the bright colours on the dark background really stood out. It’s an appealing poster, just as the designer says on the website, it evokes this idea of nostalgia and childhood. Also a lot of people love ice cream and how its all different colours and flavours, it really engages our senses. I would put this poster in my room in a heartbeat and I love how its bold and simple and therefore it makes a statement. I would like my final poster to do that, to be very eyecatching and make a statement.

2. Beatles Pictogram

Victor-Hertz-Pictogram-Rock-Music-Posters-The-Beatles-594x831 ( Sourcehttp://molempire.com/2012/08/21/viktor-hertz-a-visual-dj-of-pictogram-movie-and-music-posters-interview/)

This poster immediately caught my eye and reminded me of the previous work I had done. In my first poster I used images that I took from the lyrics to create my piece just as Victor Hertz has done here. Hertz’s poster really stands out for me, I love the Beatles so this probably contributes to why I love the layout and design of the poster so much. Just as the Wond Infographic designers poster,  its simple yet makes a bold statement.

3. Stop! In the name of love – The Supremes 

stop-e1317076797863(Source : http://www.neatorama.com/2011/09/26/minimalist-pictogram-song-posters/#!nVAD2 )

Again this poster is by Swedish designer Victor Hertz but in this poster he takes one song and puts it into one image. Although a lot of his music related posters are really eye catching I chose this one because I love the mixture of minimalism and colour and how he has portrayed this song. Once more this poster is bold, simple and gives us a message. It doesn’t show the rhythm and tones of the piece however after listening to the song we can really relate song to artwork. Just as in the Minimalist Pixar Posters, we could relate the poster to the movie but only after watching the movie.

4. Coca Cola Advertising 

2809722660_23559e40fe( Source : http://www.flickriver.com/photos/coca-cola_art_gallery/2809722660/ )

I found this Coca Cola image whilst looking for poster and it caught my eye because it reminded me of the first poster I had done to do with my song. I love the way everything is spewing from the bottle and it shows us “what is in” coca cola – idealistically Happiness. I think from an advertising point of view its clever in the sense it makes you look and want to explore what is in the contents of the bottle. I personally would feel more inclined to go and buy a bottle of coke after seeing this advert. I think that is a good quality to have in a poster, to make people want to explore more.

5. If the stars were mine – Scrapbook style poster

stars1Source : http://www.nathaliesstudio.com/2012/03/15/pier-39-cocoa-daisy-march-kit-projects/ )

I really love the artwork that Nathaliesstudio has come up with, I love the mixture between art, photography and scrap-booking, it gives it a feel of simplicity and childhood. The designer also has used the lyrics to create a piece that shows different aspects of the song just as I have done. I think the reason the lyrics are used so much is the fact they evoke so much imagery in our brains. In this piece, there are the song lyrics written on the stars. It is a beautiful representation of the song and I would love to see more of Nathaliesstudio scrap-booking work in the future.



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