This morning we had another session on Photoshop. We each brought in a photo that we would edit, and make into a “poster”. I chose a photo of my brother.


Firstly as we did yesterday, I changed the photo into black and white.

Josh Black and White

After doing this, I saved it and re-uploaded it to Photoshop and made it my Layer 0. I then uploaded the original photo and called that Layer 1.

I opened a new document on Photoshop and made it into an A6 page. Our aim for this workshop was to create a grid. In order to do this we had to create the grid on the page before adding the photo.When the grid was created, we had to click on view-show-grid in order that we could see the grid on the page. We then placed our photo to the grid and called it layer 1. We then moved it up and down and left and right to suit our preferences.

After doing this we used the single column and single row marquee tools to select all the lines on the grid. We then clicked on Fx and Stroke and chose what thickness we wanted the lines and also what colour. I chose black lines which are 8px thick.

This is what my photo looked like when this was done.

Josh Grid 1

In order to be able to create a mask layer effect, we needed to add the black and white photo as a layer to be placed on top of our current colour photo. We placed it on the photo and lined it up using the opacity setting, being able to see both photos made it easier to place. This black and white layer is Layer 2.

We used the magic wand tools to select different squares in the grid and we could either change the colour of the squares or revert them to the colour version of the photo using the Layer Mask setting.

Josh grid 2

As you can see on this version of the photo, one of the square has the Mask Layer effect on it and a few of the other have been deleted and then coloured in either blue or white. I chose the blue because that was the original colour of my brother hat and I thought it complimented the black and white photo really well.

After doing this I experimented a little with gradients and the different styles of gradient I could create using Photoshop. I then used the gradient to create a white block below my photo to give it a bit of fluidity.

I then coloured some more of the squares to make it look a bit more like a “poster” and again to give it a bit more fluidity. I added in another shade of blue to make it a bit more interesting and for it to stand out a bit more.

Josh grid 3

I felt something was missing from my poster so I thought about what I wanted to add. I knew that I didn’t want to use a Mask Layer this time because I felt it didn’t fit in with the style I was trying to achieve. Although it was possible I knew I didn’t want to add in any text either, I thought this would take away from the effect I had currently achieved. I decided in the end to add in a bit more colour. I chose to add in orange since I knew it was the complimentary colour to blue so it would really make it stand out.

This is the final product of my workshop today.

Josh Final

I love the outcome of this workshop, however next time I think I would maybe stick to just one shade of blue to compliment the orange, or put another shade of orange in the piece. I would also maybe try adjusting the size of the grid lines because I think making them thicker would make more of a statement. I could also change the colour of them but this time I think black was a solid choice.

I am really pleased with what I produced seeing as though it was my second time using the Photoshop software. I would love to try out using the grid technique again. It is something that really appeals to me, now I know how to do it well and efficiently.


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