Today we presented our three minute presentations. I really enjoyed this session, I learnt even more about my classmates and found out lots more about their backgrounds and hopes for the future. I also saw how much each person had grown in confidence since our first session and this was a positive outcome from our workshop!

Although I was really nervous at the beginning, I felt my presentation went really well. I thought that I might have cried during it but I didn’t which is quite a big achievement for me as I tend to well up a little when I talk about moving to France. The feedback I got at the end was incredibly useful. I found out that instead of fidgeting, this time I held on to my book which I think is a lot better. I also ascertained that I am an honest person when I speak and that I’m a storyteller which was lovely feedback to have. In my speech I also had a strong finish and I was engaging which again makes me pleased about today. I feel as if I have come a long way since Monday speaking in front of people. It has definitely boosted my confidence.

Here is my feedback sheet :



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