On our first day of Present and Promote, it was the day of the storm which meant we only got to have our workshop in the afternoon. However it didn’t lack in productivity, we mangaged to complete so much in the little time we had. Firstly we collected our Fakebooks from the previous weeks.After doing this we had to stand up and walk around to find three other people, write down their names and something that would help us to remember who they were. I had Marina who has cute freckles, Helen who has dots in her eye and Abbie who has pink and blue hair!

When we had finished this, we were put into groups of four and had to present our Fakebooks. We chose to put our Fakebooks on the floor and make a circle around them altogether before presenting them to the other groups. We felt this encouraged interaction between us and the group because we were all on the same level instead of us standing and everyone else sitting. I learnt about how I came across as a presenter, I was earnest but had very fidgety feet. The fidgety feet is something I really want to improve on in the week to come, I am always quite fidgety when I talk because I get quite nervous although I try to seem like I’m not, my feet are a bit of a giveaway. I really enjoyed listening to the presentations of my other classmates, I think it was not only interesting to listen but to see them talk and explain about their Fakebooks and what they put on them and why, gave me an insight into their personalities. It also gave me a lot of new ideas of ways to present and talk about myself and gave us a chance to discuss and give feedback to other people. Overall today was very interesting and insightful and has made me look forward to learning how to better present myself in the week to come.


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