Reflection on the printmaking workshops and my print

I really enjoyed the past week working in the print studio. It was fun to try out a new technique that I have never done before. Although it was a very complex and careful process, Nelda and Rose explained everything really well and for that reason it made it a lot easier to learn the different techniques. I loved being able to print my piece and being quite independent about it, although I was really scared about printing the real A3 posters, they came out really well in the end. I love how my print looks, I’m glad I chose a sky blue colour because to me that was the main colour of the songs but its also a very happy, positive colour and that is another reason it appealed to me more than other colours in the song: the way it makes you feel happy in just a glance. I’m glad my shapes and forms came out clearly and it is easy to tell which form is which. If I was to do my print again, I think the only thing I would change is to line it up better to avoid having a cut off point at the top. Although it isn’t really visible and doesn’t distract from the piece, I think the piece would be more solid if this was changed. Other than that I wouldn’t change anything about the print. I’m really pleased with the outcome and how it has ticked all the boxes of being minimal but effective.

I would really love to try printmaking again, especially one with a few different colours in it. The discipline really appeals to me and I had fun learning about it and exploring it.

IMG_6987 edit


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