On Thursday I got to bring my print to life. I was really excited about what the outcome would be as I was happy with the outcome of my positive.

I oiled up my positive so the paper would become transparent.



Next it went to be put onto the screen in the UV and vacuum machine. After it was washed and then me and Erin ( whose print was on the same screen as mine ) dried the screen.


We then attached the screen onto the bed using the clamps and screws. We sellotaped round the edge of the screen and on Erin’s side of the screen so that her print didn’t print whilst I was printing mine.

I then added the sky blue ink I had chosen to the screen and flooded it. After I printed it on the acetate so I could line up my print when it was time to print on the real A3 version.


I done many scrap prints to start with so I could see how my print would turn out at the end. I re-inked my screen and flooded it again and done one more scrap print.


I then lined up my paper in preparation for the real print.


I then printed my first A3 print. Sadly it smudged a bit on the side because I needed to fill the other vacuum holes around it with paper so that it didn’t stick to itself when I removed the screen.


After another few scrap prints, I finally printed my final poster.


Here is the outcome of my Printmaking Elective.

IMG_6987 edit


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