Minimalism and Pixar Minimalist Posters

Minimalism is an art movement that emerged in New York in the early 1960’s, its main goal is to take away features concepts and forms that are not essential and to be left with what the artist consider essential whilst making a strong impact. 

Source: http://www.wikipedia.com ,  www.dictionary.com

Whilst doing research for my poster I came across, on Tumblr, a selection of Disney Pixar Minimalist Posters. This was something that really inspired me, because it made me think about the kind of poster I wanted to produce. Given that we could only do a print with one colour, the Pixar posters gave me ideas, I wanted to be left with something quite basic that showed the imagery in the song lyrics.

8Source: http://www.whitezine.com/fr/graphic/pixar-minimalist-poster.html

In this Minimalist poster for the film Up – We can see the face of the 78 year old Protagonist Carl. After seeing the film, I can look at this poster and know exactly what it is and it reminds me of certain parts of the film. I can easily make references from the film to the poster.

Disney-Pixar-Minimalist-Posters-4 Source: http://hiconsumption.com/2012/10/disney-pixar-minimalist-posters/

Here we have two posters, one for Finding Nemo and one for Monsters Inc. Again at a glance I would know exactly what movie they have come from even without the writing. I really like these two posters because they are so easy to understand and are only done in one colour, like my print will be. I like the way they do give out a message about the film but I feel they can only be appreciated after seeing the film itself. They wouldn’t inspire me to go and watch the film if I hadn’t seen it, but post-film I think these are really exciting pieces.

I knew from when I listened to the song, the lyrics and the beauty of them would be a big part of my piece. I wanted the spectator to feel like they could see all the different elements of the lyrics in a glance. I knew that producing a minimalist piece could achieve that.

In general I love Disney Pixar films and these posters have inspired me to look up more about Disney Pixar and the storyboard process and the accompanying artwork.


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