Finding ideas for my print

After doing some research, I realised I wanted to do something quite basic, but that has quite a strong meaning. Again I knew I wanted to play with the lyrics of the song.

I set about creating a brainstorm with the help of the brief.

IMG_7021 edit

Now I had the brainstorm I started sketching some ideas and came up with three different prints.

Firstly the jar design. In the song the lyrics say “stars in a jar”, in my piece all the different aspects of the lyrics are being poured into the jar. On the right there is the “sunny days” and the “birds” and at the bottom the “stars” and in the middle the ‘raincloud”. I took influence from Kandinsky and Kilford and created ribbon like patterns which are the flowing tones of the music, I also took  the sound of the tambourine beat and added it into the top left hand corner like a firework.

IMG_6994 edit

My next idea was the ocean themed idea. I knew I wanted to add in the ‘orange ocean” and if I done this print it would be in orange. I again added the tambourine beats and also some weaving flowing patterns. This time though I only used the raindrops to represent the “raincloud” and the “stars” lyrics. This design is much simpler than my last one but I don’t think it has as greater impact or relates at well to the song itself.

IMG_6995 edit

My final print idea was to take the actual form of the star and put all of the objects in the lyrics inside of it. On different spikes of the star we can see the “sunny days”, the “rainclouds”, the “ocean” and the “ribbons”. In the middle of the star we can see the jar which is covered by a bird. This made me think of the mockingjay badge in The Hunger Games.The jar is exploding and the star is what it has produced. Although I like this print, I don’t think I will use it as my final one. Again although it is a much stronger and better composed design than my oceans design, I still prefer the strength of the jar design.

IMG_7028 edit

Creating my positive

After deciding on the Jar design, I started to sketch out my positive. After I found a composition I was happy with, I coloured it in in black pen. When photocopying my design I put the exposure up a lot in order that the light couldn’t come through the black parts and ruin the print.

IMG_6923 IMG_6932 IMG_6934

As you can see I have added in a lot more detail when creating this positive. I had added in designs such as the music notes, the paintbrush and the ocean, which weren’t in my first sketch. I think it now has a more solid composition whilst staying quite minimal which is the effect I wanted to have.


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