Phillip Schreibman

When I first saw this piece it really caught my attention. I appreciated the way you can see the rhythm of the song by just looking at the art which is what the artist intended : ” Phillip Schreibman has  explored the visual expression of music in his powerful paintings, which bring the viewer into the colour and motion of music.” (Source: http://www.paintingmusic.com)

rhap_test Rhapsody in Blue – Phillip Schreibman

Source: http://www.paintingmusic.com

Just as the title of the song implies, Schreibman’s main colour palette in his piece is of course blue. However he hasn’t made it overpowering. He clearly doesn’t just see blue when he listens to the piece but also oranges, reds, purples, greens and yellows. You can see just by his painting that he was inspired by the music and he has really captured the rhythm and tones of the piece. What makes this painting again more interesting is the fact that Schreibman doesn’t have synaethesia. He captures the music in his painting so well and with so much precision that just by looking we couldn’t tell whether he did or not. Schreibman actually did his music inspired paintings because he wanted to explore the synaesthesic experience, whilst doing his paintings he listened to the piece of music more than 100 times. Schreibman doesn’t just limit himself to one genre of music he paints to jazz, classical, blues and contemporary sounds.

I found it interesting to find out about people without synaesthesia making art in music. It was strange seeing what to me is a similar outcome for both people with and without synaesthesia. Music has an influence on all of us in our day to day lives, even if we don’t see it. For all of these artists, music clearly plays a vital and important role in their lives.


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