Graffiti Art for the Coldplay Cover ( Mylo Xyloto) – Paris

  crbst_Mylo-Xyloto-Front1 splash12

Source: http://www.coldplaycorner.com/itwpariseng.html

I have always been inspired by Coldplay’s music, especially from a young age and the art work for their latest album really stood out for me. The artist who created it, is Paris, based his work on the band’s ideas and of course the lyrics in their songs. Although not directly created whilst listening to their music, their music clearly influenced the creation of Paris’ pieces. The piece is primarily created with spray paint and in particular glow in the dark spray paint. In an interview with coldplaycorner.com Paris commented on his work by saying “The art on the wall had to look like it had grown over decades, it had to have many many layers , different styles / techniques.The band also had their own concepts / codes / symbols… There’s a very futuristic / cosmic feel to the art, which is something that developed with the use of fluorescent (glow in the dark) paint.” (Source: http://www.coldplaycorner.com/itwpariseng.html )

I am really intrigued by the many pieces created for the album. When I listen to the music, I feel like I’m seeing it all in the art. The art is linked so carefully with the album and there are so many hidden messages, it makes the artwork exciting. When I look at it, it makes me feel like I’m travelling in the galaxy and in the nebula’s. It mesmerizes me and has a really strong influence on me as an artist. I love the whole idea of creating a piece which makes people feel thousands of different emotions, as looking at Paris’ work does for me.


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