Jakob Trollback: A new kind of music video

Jakob Trollback, an animator and former DJ who takes a great interest in music videos, looks at the idea of letting the music be the voice of a music video and letting the animation follow it. With two designers he took the track Strange Overtones by Brian Eno and David Byrne and created a piece of animation which really lets the music guide it.

Although I didn’t really appreciate the music video itself, I found it a very interesting concept. I think the way in which Trollback has taken a well known song and made it into an animation is inventive and intriguing. He has taken a song the same as Kandinsky or Kilford and made it into his own personal piece of art. For me, the animation appears too bland in the colour choice and very mechanical like a machine. Saying this, I do like how there is the effect of bright lights and fire in some places, it does compliment the mechanical effect that is going on. I feel the music video represents some kind of a machine or a factory, it keeps turning and processing.

I think this is a really interesting way of representing a piece of music as a form of art taking into account not only the lyrics but the beat, feeling and tone of the music as well. The beat of the music seems to be the motor of this machine and we clearly see each note and muscial instrument being represented. Even though it isn’t my favourite piece of art, Trollback has accomplished a very challenging task and come out with an eye catching and well thought out result.

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEol611ADM8


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