Bleeding Love –  Killy Kilford 

Bleeding-LoveSource: (http://beckybendylegs.com/synaesthesia-and-art-is-january-red/ ) 

I’d seen this piece by Kilford on the powerpoint that we were shown at the beginning of the project and I was intrigued in the way that he has created this piece. I looked at his work in more detail and saw that it is a mixture of words and brushstrokes. Upon finding a Youtube video, I discovered that he created this piece on stretched paper in his studio whilst listening to Leona Lewis. The artist himself has Synaethesia, which is when upon hearing a certain sound, he sees a certain colour. He creates his work listening to music either live or in his studio.

I really am interested by the way Synaesthesia has a impact on an artist’s work and what they see when they listen to a certain kind of music. Kilford has used lots of colours in creating his piece where as when I personally listen to Bleeding Love, I definitely don’t visualise it the same way he does. You can really see how the brushstrokes are the notes and rhythm of the music. This piece reminds me of Kandinsky’s work when he paints to music but I think Kilford puts something extra in his work, in this case I think the written lyrics really do add to the piece. His bright palette and technique make me want to explore further his work and what other music related pieces he has done.

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLvUu8DRf6o


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